Yüksel Seramik attracts great attention in Italy

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Taking strong strides in the global ceramics industry and having been named as the “best new brand” among the ceramic tile brands in Turkey,Yüksel Seramik attracted great attention at the international Cersaie Exhibition which was held in Italy and is recognised as the most prominent meeting point of the world’s ceramics industry players. Yüksel Seramikannounced the global launch of its 63 new product series, as part of its 2014-2015 collection, at the event. The new series of products bear the signatures of widely renowned Italian designers, supported by the company’s R&D and P&D teams, and helped the company secure new international deals during the event.

Participating in CERSAIE, which washeld in Bologna, Italy from 22 to 26 September and is the world’s top ranking tradeshow for ceramic tiles and bathroom accessories, Yüksel Seramikattracted great attention with its new, uniquely designed booth and wide range of products that are produced using environmentally-friendly state-of-the-art technology and inspired by nature to deliver high quality, innovative solutions to both end-users and professionals and also offer a wide range of options particularly for architectural projects with specific needs and expectations. The company made a difference at the event by announcing the global launch of the new series of products, making up its 2014-2015 collection, and managed to secure new international deals during the event.

Metin Mutlu, Vice-chairman of Yüksel Seramik, said, “Although some 30% decrease was observed in the number of visitors to the event compared to last year, Yüksel Seramik managed to sign large-scale business partnership agreements with businesses from 10 new markets that are among the international markets targeted by the company. Thus, the number of our export markets has increased to 80.” Stating that the collections they showcased at Cersaie are the result of long and meticulous work conducted by a team of Italian and Spanish designers supported by the company’s R&D and P&D teams, Metin Mutlu added:

“The range of products we manufacture using state-of-the-art technology delivers high quality, innovative solutions to both end-users and professionals, and they attracted great attention at the event.

Yüksel Seramik will have a spectacular booth at UNICERA, which is the second most important tradeshow in Europe for ceramics, bathroom and kitchen industries and will be held from 24 to 28 February 2015, and with its unique collections that make a difference in the industry, it will surely become an even stronger player in the industry.” 

4th dimension on ceramic tiles…

The 25x50 cm series, making up the new collections, bring a unique perspective and impart a 4D effect and unique colour combinations to interior spaces with their relief surfaces. The series reflect their rich patterns and textures onto the surfaces they are applied to without needing any skirting tiles. They also add a sense of depth and motion to spaces thanks to the technique used in producing them. In addition to these series, the wood-like and natural stone-like collections, revealing the hidden textures of nature, come in various sizes and offer a wide range of options. 

The other new series included in the collection coming in sizes of 25x60, 25x80 and 30x60 cm and with diverse patterns and textures bring unique styles to living spaces. Many other ranges of products, making up the 2014-2015 collection and offering solutions to developers of commercial spaces and architectural projects, will also be showcased at UNICERA.

Yüksel Seramik is aMutluhan Group company.