Yüksel Seramik grows in construction industry, helping it increase its running capacity nearly 4 times

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A source of pride for the Turkish ceramics industry in terms of exports, Yüksel Seramik is standing out with its export of 6 million sqm of tiles to 58 countries. Focusing on the domestic market last year, the company increased its production capacity nearly 4-fold from 3,5 million m2 up to 12,5 million m2, in parallel to its growth in the Turkish construction industry, and this has turned the company into one of the largest producers in the industry. 

The company’s growth in the construction industry is having its repercussions in the construction materials sector. According to data released by İMSAD (Turkish Association of Producers of Construction Materials), a growth of 7,4% in the production of ceramic, tile and pavement products was recorded during January-May 2014 in parallel to the growth in the construction materials sector.

One of the largest suppliers in the construction industry, Yüksel Seramik plans to invest 7 million Euro to increase its production capacity to 16 million m2 in the coming years in line with the construction industry’s growth to meet the demand in the domestic market. 

The company increased the production capacity of its plant in Söke/Aydın nearly 4-fold, i.e. from million m2/year to 12,5 million m2/year. Thus, exporting 6 million sqm of products to 58 countries, it has become one of the largest producers in Turkey. 

Encouraged by the growth observed in the Turkish construction industry last year, Yüksel Seramik strengthened its domestic operations in addition to exports. In conjunction with its project to increase the production capacity of its plant, the company launched a dealer network expansion strategy, helping the company gain a strong foothold and become a key player in the domestic market.

Growth driven by demand in domestic market

Stating that Yüksel Seramik had no sufficient presence in the domestic market as it has been an exports-oriented supplier since its establishment, Vice-chairman Metin Mutlu said, “The advertising campaign we launched at the beginning of 2014 in an effort to promote our brand in the domestic market helped us both improve recognition of our brand and receive higher demand for our products in Turkey. Until this year, we exported 90% of our products. However, we decided to export 50% of our products and place the remaining 50% on the domestic market in an effort to meet the increasing demand in Turkey. We have achieved this by increasing the annual capacity of our plant in Aydın from 3,5 million m2 to 12,5 million m2, nearly 4-fold. Thus we have grown into an above-average producer.” 

Dealer network expansion

Working to have a strong foothold in each of the 7 regions across Turkey to reach its domestic growth target, Yüksel Seramik currently has 110 dealers in the country. Dedicated to further growth in the domestic market by expanding its domestic dealer network, the company is renowned particularly for its expertise in floor tiles.

Ranking among the top 1000 exporters in Turkey, Yüksel Seramik exported USD 23.7 million worth of products in 2013, recording a remarkable 87% increase in its exports turnover compared to the previous year. The company aims to double its 2014 turnover through the growth it has been achieving.

Having increased the number of the countries it is exporting to by 87% to 58, Yüksel Seramik is recognised as a fairly strong brand in the U.S., Canada, Israel, North Africa, Scandinavian countries, Erbil in Northern Iraq, and in the Gulf region.

Yüksel Seramik is aMutluhan Group company.