Mutluhan Holding’s success story began in 1985 when it formed a Honda dealership in Fenerbahçe, Istanbul.

One of the first Honda dealers in Turkey, Mutluhan managed to expand its sales, showroom and technical service operations, particularly after Turkey joined the EU Customs Union, through those years that proved hard for the automotive industry to survive. In 2000, the company built the largest Honda showroom in Turkey in 2000, located next to Highway E-5 in Maltepe and having an indoor space of 5000 sqm. In addition to offering Honda dealer services for many years now, the company has been engaged in the construction industry and has left its mark on various noteworthy projects. Having developed some other construction projects, some of which have already been launched, the company continues to underline its strong position in the construction industry. The company expanded the spectrum of its construction operations by acquiring Yüksel Seramik in 2008. The production plant of Yüksel Seramik is located in Söke, Aydın, having a 20.000 sqm indoor space and a 30.000 sqm outdoor space, and produces ceramic products using state-of-the-art technology. Yüksel Seramik exports most of its products to more than 50 countries thanks to its expanding sales network and also markets its products in Turkey through 51 dealers and 6 home improvement stores. Keeping pace with all related technological developments across the world, Mutluhan continuously invests in technology so as to offer top quality services to its customers and to keep improving customer satisfaction.

Mutluhan Holding, which has become one of the leading groups of companies in Turkey, continues to invest in the business segments it is engaged in and makes the most of any business opportunity in an effort to engage in other industries as well. Having a strong corporate background of 27 years and adopted a solid business strategy, the Holding has various businesses operating in Turkey and abroad. Standing out among its competitors with its dedication to customer satisfaction and high quality in every industry segment it is engaged in, Mutluhan Holding is well aware of the value of human resources and continues to invest in its human resources to further improve its professional workforce. Mutluhan Holding has subsidiary companies actively operating in various industries, including construction, ceramics, fuel, energy, automotive and service. This large asset portfolio of the Holding has been further expanding with the addition of mobile communications and security technology.

The highest priority of the Holding is to continue to make investments in Turkey and abroad in an effort to create jobs and contribute to the Turkish economy as much as possible. The goal of the Holding is to represent Turkey effectively in the international arena and promote Turkish investors to the rest of the world. We, at Mutluhan Holding, are proud of the steps we have been taking towards our goal by producing world-class products at our factories and ready-mix concrete plants built to offer products and services particularly to the construction markets abroad.

Best regards, 
Mutluhan Holding

Mutluhan İnşaat (Construction) Mutluhan Konut was formed to develop and deliver modern construction projects and buildings where residents can lead a happy life. It has completed many high-quality, safe and comfortable residential buildings, including Küçük Yalı Çamlık Houses, Ömerli Mutluhan Villas and Maltepe Mutluhan Residences. As part of its social responsibility policy, the company has been striving to contribute to education and development in Turkey through the construction of a Mutluhan Elementary School and Fırat University’s campus and student dormitory. With recently launched property development projects, including Mahal Sancaktepe, Dragos Residences and a 5-star Hotel, Mutluhan Konut will continue to leave its mark on some additional successful projects.
Mutluhan Honda Mutluhan was established in Fenerbahçe in 1985 as the first Honda Dealership in Turkey and continued to be the first and sole Honda Dealer premises up until 1990. In 2000, Mutluhan Otomotiv launched the then largest Honda Dealer premises, with an indoor space of 4600 m2, which is located next to Highway E-5 in Maltepe. The spectacular premises, where the company sells cars, motorbikes, spare parts, accessories and used cars and also offers bodywork, repair, maintenance, rent-a-car and motor insurance services, is the largest Honda sales and service centre not only in Turkey, but also in all Europe.
Alhan Teknoloji (Technology) Alhan Teknoloji A.Ş. was formed in 2008 as a member of Mutluhan Holding to offer technology services. Alhan Teknoloji initially focused on developing Network Solutions, delivery of complete system setup and Information Security and has become a solution partner for JUNIPER, KASPERSKY, and HP, each a global player in the industry. The company provides Corporate Data Security, System Integration and Support/Consulting and Maintenance Services with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.
İshan Sigorta (Insurance) Established in 1994, İshan Insurance offers customer-oriented insurance services. Relying on the service quality, quality assurance, strength and experience of the leading local and international insurers and reinsurers it represents, the company continues to be of service to its customers and to keep pace with all technological developments in the insurance industry. All the privileges offered by some of the global insurance companies are brought to you now by İshan Insurance under a single roof.

Yüksel Seramik is aMutluhan Group company.